lawns or thyroid? hard to contain excitement

Well well well.  I didn't write for weeks because my life has turned into a workfest, and then blogger/google/gmail got so mixed up I couldn't access my account and now, wonders unexplained, I can access it again. 

1. sewing.  I made a renfrew top which I appear not to have photographed.  I made a pile of alterations to the pattern before I made it up, and I think I'll make some more yet, and turn it into a frankpatterned mix of renfrew top and red velvet midriff and skirt.  I made another circle skirt for a 7th birthday present.  Brighid is modelling the twirl factor on it above, before we wrapped it and set off for the party.  I didn't have any bias binding and so hemmed with a single fold (looooong hem circumference) and zigzagged it which actually looked quite good.

I hemmed two tiramisu dresses which have been worn unhemmed for ages.  I used steam a seam lite for one which was really good, except unbuyable at the moment as the factory burnt down.  I used a trendy trims supposed equivalent for the next dress, and that was only very marginally better than nothing.  Hand pinning skirts which have 3+ metre hems is not something I'm willing to do without a short cut.

2. sleep.  elusive.  not very interesting.

3.  thyroid.  bothersome.  refer 2.

I've been trying to understand the relationship between liver and thyroid health.  There is a documented connection, but I'm not making much progress understanding what and how.  As for which affects which, the chicken/egg conundrum persists.  Still, I have purchased livatone plus with turmeric and that seems to be doing some good.

4. Tobias Hill.  What Was Promised.  A wonderful novel.  Took me back to the magic of London all over again.

5. Winter sport.  It has started.  Boots and raffle tickets and mouthguards and shin pads and all manner of other smelly or soon to be smelly equipment are flying around.  Our money is mostly flying out the door.

6.  Lawnmower.  If buying a new lawnmower of a very good quality as an investment in reliability given the partial demise of the old lawnmower and the prognosis of expensive and imminent full demise of said previously trustworthy machine is not full blown suburban sensibility, I don't know what is.  If I don't blog again for more months, it may be because we have no money to replace the old computer because we spent it on a machine to make our lawns accessible (I started with the r--ble word, but couldn't complete).


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